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Cortex sells Great Real-time luminescence monitoring system for cultured cells

Luminometer Luminometer / Luminometer WSL-1565 Chronos HT

Long-term real-time luminescence measurement system for cultured cells compatible with 24/96-well microplate measurements.

Cortex Specifications circadian documentation
Atto Chronos HT


  • Multi-specimen live cell real-time measurement
    Cell culture function by constant temperature humidification (CO 2 can be introduced)
    Supports measurements in 24/96 well microplates
    Long-term measurement from 1 hour to 30 days
    Measurement in stationary culture driven by a detector
    Low noise and high sensitivity detection by detector cooling
    Built-in color separation mechanism for multi-color luciferase

    Product specifications

Model/name WSL-1565 Kronos HT

Detector Photomultiplier tube (cooled at 10°C) x 2 units Inverted XY drive system
Measurement method Weak luminescence measurement by photon counting method
measurement time Integration time 1 to 60 seconds/well Measurement time 1 hour to 30 days
measuring container Clear-bottom 24-well plate (standard)
Clear-bottom 96-well plate (optional)
35mm dish (optional) 

measuring plate 2 sheets (measure 2 sheets with 2 detectors)
Number of specimens 48 samples (24 well plates x 2)
192 samples (96 well plates x 2) optional
12 samples (35 mm dish x 12) optional

Fermentation tank temperature control  Room temperature +5°C to 45°C (0.1°C steps) in an environment of room temperature 20°C to 28°C
Fermenter CO2 control Adjust the CO 2 gas concentration with the CO 2 gas mixing unit and introduce it into the cabinet (Setting range: 1.0 - 20%)
Culture tank humidification Install the water injection case inside the chamber/ intermittently introduce CO 2
gas through the humidification unit to maintain a humidity of 90% RH or more Color separation mechanism 2-color separation measurement
PC operating environment OS: Windows10/8.1 64/32bit each Memory: 4GB or more HDD: 20GB or more free space 

PC connection USB2.0
Dimensions/mass 650(W)×520(D)×340(H)mm・40kg
power supply AC100-240V 50/60Hz Power consumption 400W (maximum)
name CO2 gas introduction unit for Kronos HT
CO2 control     _ Adjust the concentration with the  CO 2 gas mixing unit and introduce it into the culture tank (setting range: 1.0 - 20%)
Humidification Introduce CO 2 gas into the Kronos HT fermentor via the humidification unit
Dimensions/mass CO2 gas mixing unit: 121(W)×174(D)×157(H)mm 1.6kg Humidification
unit: 170(W)×140(D)×115(H)mm 1.6kg
power supply CO 2 gas mixing unit: AC100~240V 50/60Hz power consumption 25W maximum
Humidification unit: AC100~240V 50/60Hz power consumption 24W maximum

WSL-1565 protocol

Reference list

List of options and consumables

3510140 WSL-1565 Kronos HT 1 set

3510146 1 adapter for 24-well plate

3510147 1 adapter for 96-well plate  

3510148 1 x 35mm dish adapter, it’s genuine for the test.